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Lauren Dean

Lauren is our on-island managerial associate. She works with our caretakers and housekeeper to help assure you of a smooth stay at Villa PassiFlora. She is also our resident IT advisor and fixer.

Sherlon George

Sherlon is a native of Calibishie, and he has a keen interest in cricket. He is on-site nights and weekends, and he is responsible for the care of Jacko, the villa dog. If you arrive in the evening or weekend, he’ll be at the villa to greet and help get you settled in.

Isaline George

Isaline is a native of Calibishie and keeps the villa sparkling. You are likely to get to sample her fresh juices, often from fruits you are unlikely to have experienced elsewhere. She cooks using fresh, local produce, fish and chicken. Isaline’s husband, Francois, is a farmer and can be a source of fresh fruits and vegetables.