Why visit Dominica and stay at Villa PassiFlora? It’s tonic for the senses.

Our strongest recommendation right now is to come and chill at the villa. It’s really all about the sound of the sea, the extraordinary vistas, the continuous breeze, the hammocks, the pool, rum punch, an order for delivery from Om’s Restaurant for a relaxing meal on our verandah…
Dominica is an island of breathtaking natural beauty, as yet little impacted by tourism. One travel writer aptly characterized Dominica as “the last of the real Caribbean.” As a visitor, you can expect to be warmly received by Dominicans, who will take pride in sharing their glorious island with you. They know that what they have here is very special.
Villa PassiFlora is for the traveler who would like to enjoy Dominica in a guesthouse of style and elegance still rare on the island. It is an ideal setting for 2 or 3 couples wishing to share a relaxing vacation together, for small groups interested in literary, yoga or culinary retreats or for families without young children. When compared with similar accomodations elsewhere in the Caribbean (there are no comparable accomodations on Dominica), the villa is eminently affordable for the couple or individual who appreciates space, beauty and privacy. For a group it is a bargain. It is for you if you relish the prospect of enjoying the sound of the waves, the feel of the cooling trade winds and the view from one of the most breathtaking spots in the Caribbean. It is a tonic for the senses.
We look forward to the opportunity to help you plan your Dominican vacation. We can arrange for yoga instructors to share their services with you at the villa. Additionally, we can arrange the hire of guides to help you enjoy sites of interest in the Calibishie area and elsewhere on the island. Share your interest and ideas with us, and we’ll do what we can to help craft a unique and memorable stay.

What to do?

The truth is that many of our guests choose to do very little during their visit. Villa PassiFlora is an ideal spot for reading, writing, swimming, taking walks or napping in a hammock to the sound of the surf, cooled by the constant breeze of the tradewinds. Of course, all of the sights that have made Dominica a destination for adventurous travellers are available as day trips, but don’t feel guilty if you leave the Boiling Lake for someone else.
Several beautiful and totally distinctive Atlantic beaches are just 5-10 minutes from Villa PassiFlora by foot, offering swimming, snorkeling, exploring or lounging in relative solitude. Check out our Dominica Day & Night page for much more. Snorkelers will also enjoy visiting the tranquil Caribbean waters near Portsmouth, which offer a variety of options from the shore. Divers will want to contact JC Ocean Adventures or Cabrits Dive Centre, both in Portsmouth, a beautiful 30-minute drive from the villa.

How do we get to Dominica?

Dominica’s charm and beauty are protected by the effort required to reach it. The island doesn’t have enough flat land to allow a jet port to be constructed, so flights are indirect. The first night flights into Dominica began in September 2010, and these have improved access a bit.
The quickest, most direct air routes to Dominica are via San Juan, St. Maarten, Antigua or Barbados. From San Juan, you can get direct flights to on Seaborne/Silver Airlines, which is getting the highest marks for service and reliability from our guests. Winair will get you to Dominica by way of St. Maarten.  Liat is in limbo as of this writing.  There is now service from Tortola with InterCaribbean Air. You may well need to book your first leg on the usual sites (Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.), then book the flight to Dominica directly with the airline. (If needed or preferred, overnighting in Old San Juan is quite a pleasure. We’re happy to suggest our favorite spots.) Be sure you are booking into Douglas-Charles/Melville Hall Airport rather than Canefield, which is on the opposite side of the island, about 90 minutes away from Villa PassiFlora.
Should you consider the possibility of going through Martinique or Guadeloupe prior to your stay on Dominica, travel by ferry is available from these French islands to Dominica several times weekly. Information and booking for ferry service is available here. And Val’Ferry is offering service from Guadeloupe to Portsmouth, which offers closer access to Villa PassiFlora than the Roseau port. Feel free to contact us for suggestions on your travel arrangements.

How do we get to Villa PassiFlora?

The villa is just 20 minutes from Douglas-Charles (Mellville Hall) Airport. Most of our guests arrange car rental in advance and find getting to the villa simple and straightforward. Leaving the airport, go left and follow the northeast road through Wesley, Woodford Hill and Small Farm until you see the sign for VP. We are just beyond the road to Sea Cliff and just before the village of Calibishie. The easiest thing is to follow the many signs leading to POZ. If you are not renting a vehicle, we will be happy to arrange transportation to Villa PassiFlora.

Should we rent a vehicle?

You do not need to rent a vehicle. Transport from the airport can be easily arranged. Many of our guests find life at Villa PassiFlora so satisfying that they simply stay put. If you plan just an excursion or two, you might want to hire drivers as needed; we can make the arrangements. If you have a stronger interest in exploring this beautiful island —and most guests do — then rent a relatively small vehicle with 4-wheel drive. You may not need the 4-wheel drive, but it can definitely come in handy if you find yourself on a rutted, muddy road to a glorious beach, and the added road clearance of these vehicles is a must off the main road.
Driving in Dominca is on the left, British style. The roads are in varying states of repair —think of potholes as unannounced speed bumps — and some are too narrow to allow true 2-way traffic. Drive slowly, cautiously, defensively and always be prepared to pull to the shoulder to allow oncoming traffic to pass. We advise against renting a vehicle for your initial travel to the villa after dark! Consider using a driver from your point of arrival, and take delivery of your vehicle the following morning at the villa.

Is the drinking water safe?

Yes! Dominica’s fresh water is amongst its glories and you should have no problems with tap water, ice, raw vegetables, etc.

I don’t see any glass or screening. What about bugs?

Villa PassiFlora indeed has neither glass nor screening, in the Caribbean tradition. Cooling is courtesy of the continuous trade winds, aided by the shade of our expansive verandah and the trees of the littoral forest which we have chosen to leave standing. Fans are available to augment the breezes.
Depending upon the weather, you may encounter some mosquitoes, particularly at twilight. We’ve never found them to be tough to control with a bit of insect repellant around the ankles before sunset. High-quality mosquito netting helps insure that your sleep won’t be disturbed.

How safe are Dominica and Villa PassiFlora?

We have had no problems in our 10-plus years of operation. Violent crime remains rare in Dominica, though not unheard of. Opportunistic thievery may occur, particularly when invited by open doors and windows. The safety of your belongings is very much enhanced by the presence of our caretaker — who lives on site — and our watchdog, Jacko. Please note that Jacko is NOT an “attack dog”: his job is to alert us when people approach the property. He doesn’t bark ceaselessly and doesn’t have access to the villa’s interior, so you will have no direct contact with him during your stay.

Can we bring our electric appliances?

Villa PassiFlora is powered by its solar panel system at 110V/60hz. The Dominican standard is 220V/50hz. A small number of transformers are available to use small 220V appliances. The Cottage is on the Dominican standard.
One of our great pleasures on Dominica is cooking with the extraordinary fresh ingredients available. That being said, cooking is a challenge if you’re not familiar with the island, because obtaining ingredients is dramatically dependent upon availability and requires multiple sources. If you are motivated to make meal preparation a significant part of your Dominican visit, we’ll help you procure glorious fruits, vegetables, fish, lobster and poultry as well as herbs. Check out Ann Keener’s blog for some insights and ideas.
There are a number of options for meals nearby. Spots with good local meals are plentiful. We can particularly recommend Om’s Restaurant (about 100 yards away, fresh seafood, great sides and more at very reasonable prices), Coral Reef (very local, very good, behind Gus’s Grocery on the bayside) and POZ (an easy walk from the villa, local and gringo food and drink).

Do you have TV and Internet access?

We do not have a television in the villa. Most of what is seen on cable TV feels so jarring on Dominica that we are keeping it out of our home. Internet service via DSL is now in place in both the villa and the cottage. We have some good DVDs on hand that you’re welcome to watch on your laptop.

Is Dominica right for me and my family?

We can imagine no better place to chill than Villa PassiFlora, but Dominica is not for everyone. A day in Dominica must be considered “subject to change.” If you come with a tight daily schedule of sights and activities you will be profoundly frustrated by the failure to tick off your objectives. If some of the most glorious terrain on the planet would be tough to appreciate due to disdain for the limited and poorly maintained road system, look elsewhere. If an occasional rainstorm is seen as a blight on your dream vacation rather than the reason Dominica is the most luxuriant island in the Caribbean, look elsewhere. Generally speaking, if you’re trying to decide between Villa PassiFlora and Sandals, you might be better off at Sandals.

Is Villa PassiFlora handicapped-accessible? What about children?

Regrettably, Villa PassiFlora is not well suited to visitors with major limitations to ambulation and we cannot accept children younger than 10 without specific prior clearance. The handcrafted stairs require careful use by all, particularly when using the observation deck.
Due to the unrestricted access to our pool we can’t accommodate families traveling with children who are not fully competent swimmers.
Many of Villa PassiFlora’s furnishings are irreplaceable vintage pieces which deserve and require loving treatment. Guests are responsible for any damages during their stay, so please consider the maturity of children (and adults) critically before booking your visit. If your dream vacation includes a wild party, Villa PassiFlora is not for you.

Why the name, Villa PassiFlora?

Passiflora is the genus of the passion flower, surely one of the most exquisite of floral wonders. Some of you will no doubt get to enjoy its glorious fruit while visiting Dominica. Though the genus is most often associated with the tropics, P. incarnata is native to temperate regions, and is the state wildflower of Tennessee, our “other” home.