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While it is widely reported that Dominica is not noted for its beaches, the truth is that there is a series of lovely cove beaches along the northeast coast of the island, one of the nicest of which is a 2-3 minute walk from Villa PassiFlora. Visits to isolated beaches

Dining In & Out

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New restaurants seem always to be popping up around the island.¬†We’re happy to provide our guests with our own Villa PassiFlora Visitor’s Guide, which is our most up-to-date reference guide to restaurants on the island, focusing on the Calibishie area. Most of our guests prepare breakfast and lunch in our


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If you are coming to Dominica looking for late night dancing and partying, you’ve probably come to the wrong island. We chill on our deck with some good rum. We actually happen to have one of the coolest little restaurant/bars on the island just a couple minute walk away–POZ– but

Activities & Adventures

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Dominica is surely the least developed of the major Caribbean islands, and it offers the widest range of outdoor activities. Volcanic in origin, Dominica has a dramatic landscape in so many senses: extraordinary mountains and valleys, lush rain forest, geothermal phenomena of all descriptions, most dramatically in the famed Boiling Lake