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New restaurants seem always to be popping up around the island.¬†We’re happy to provide our guests with our own Villa PassiFlora Visitor’s Guide, which is our most up-to-date reference guide to restaurants on the island, focusing on the Calibishie area.

Most of our guests prepare breakfast and lunch in our spacious and well-equipped kitchen. We have fresh fruits and juices ready for you on your arrival to the villa, as well as kitchen basics. There are two small grocery shops in Calibishie, which both provide a selection of staples and snack foods, as well as excellent selections of rum. Some wine is available, but Dominica isn’t primarily about drinking wine. Try rums such as Macoucherie from just across the island or one of the Guadeloupe white rhums, most commonly Bologne or Damoiseau. These are unique and delightful mixed with our fruit juices, a squeeze of lime and a couple of ice cubes. Or try your hand at crafting your own ti punch.

Much more extensive selections are available at IGA Whitchurch, near Ross University in Portsmouth. Guests may want to combine a visit to IGA with a shopping adventure at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market, open every Tuesday and Saturday morning.

For a snack or light meal, go into any of the small shops that have hot boxes on the counter with the day’s preparation of “bakes” (stuffed with tuna or codfish), fried chicken or ackras. Plate lunches almost always feature a tasty mix of meat or fish, a small salad, rice and peas, plus “provisions”, the various simply prepared root vegetables that are at the core of the local diet. It’s always worth seeing what local juice is being offered.

Casual dinners of high quality are available at several small restaurants in Calibishie, and there are some more upscale choices in Portsmouth.