On Dominica and Calibishie

  • Paul Crask’s website is a great source of information on the island, and he is an even-handed purveyor of insight on the impact of Hurricane Maria and the progress of recovery. The most recent edition of his Bradt Guide to Dominica remains the best resource (and one of the best guidebooks to any destination I’ve ever read), but it was written pre-Maria.
  • Ann Keener, a passionate advocate of local foods and a phenomenal cook, spent about four months at Villa PassiFlora as part of our caretaking team. Her blog contains some wonderful insights into procuring and preparing the magnificent natural bounty of Dominica, as well as a sometimes amusing look at our trip to the Boiling Lake.
  • Lennox Honychurch is a great source of information on Dominica’s history and culture. His Dominica guide, Dominica: Isle of Adventure, though not recently updated, remains an excellent introduction to the island.
  • Dominica gets lauded as ethical travel destination in Caribbean Journal.


Points South

  • Yes, Mick Jagger did hike to the Boiling Lake.
  • As did we! Ann Keener’s blog contains a detailed description of our utterly exhausting but unforgettable experience.
  • If you plan to spend time on the other end of the island, Papillote is the time-honored rain forest lodging par excellance.


Arts and Images

  • Lu Szumskyj has graciously contributed images for our website. The best photos are all his!
  • The Society for Heritage Architecture Preservation Enhancement (SHAPE) is doing great work with modest financial resources to preserve Dominca’s Caribbean architecture, primarily in Roseau. If your trip includes a visit to Roseau, SHAPE’s walking tour of the capital is highly recommended.